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London’s Hearing Clinic that Earns to Give

Our Private Audiologists provide you with the highest quality of hearing care so we can earn enough to help deaf children in Africa hear better.

Visit our 5-star West London private hearing clinic opposite Selfridges today.

Anthony Richardson
Anthony Richardson
After trying numerous places for ear wax removal over the years this is by far the best there is. So convenient and service is second to none. Wouldn’t recommend anywhere else.
Michael Rothwell
Michael Rothwell
exceptional service and MJ (audiologist) was great
Dolores Armstrong
Dolores Armstrong
Raphael Gruber
Raphael Gruber
Super friendly. Quick and easy. Perfect results. Actually looking forward to coming back
Ralph Allwood
Ralph Allwood
Cassandra O'Leary
Cassandra O'Leary
So happy that we found this Audiologist. Excellent with children, very friendly and welcoming. Myself and my daughter are very happy with our appointment.
Eric Walter
Eric Walter
A great first time experience, very informative procedure and carried out the work in a first class environment and would definitely go back in six months .
Brython Caley-Davies
Brython Caley-Davies
Simona Zajicova
Simona Zajicova
The doctor was very nice. He checked my son's ears, but there was no microsuction needed. My son had no earwax in his ears that needed to be removed. Therefore, I don't understand why I was charged £120 for something that was not done. In cases like this, clients should get some of their money back, don't you think? It's common in other clinics.
Marcel Vandenbussche
Marcel Vandenbussche

Over 80% of people living with disabling hearing loss are in low-middle income developing countries. We believe that sustainable transformation comes from earned resources. So we set up our clinic and partnered with other audiology clinics across the UK to provide you with exceptional hearing care and with every hearing aid sale, we devote 10% of our profit for most services we offer to help build sustainable audiology services in developing countries, bringing sound and hope to those in need.

Your choice to use Verified Hearing or any of our partner clinics as your hearing care provider is more than an ordinary purchase decision – It’s a lifeline, creating lasting impact and empowering communities with the gift of hearing.

Together, let’s join forces to rewrite their stories, one hearing aid at a time, and illuminate a future filled with possibility, connection, and joy.

Utmost kindness that cost you
nothing but a Choice

Utmost kindness that cost you nothing but a Choice

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Our Services

means if you book this service with us or any of our partner clinics 10% of the fee we charge you goes towards either buying a hearing aid for a child with a hearing loss in a developing country, training audiology staff in a developing country, or building their audiology service from scratch.

Ear wax removal

Experience instant ear relief from blocked. Arrange a same-day ear wax removal appointment with us.

Hearing Aids

Explore our range of invisible, rechargeable, and premium hearing aids fit by our highly qualified private hearing aid specialists. We are committed to helping children in Africa hear better so 10% of our profit from each hearing aid sale goes towards this mission.

Private Hearing Test (Free for 50s and older)

Our specialist audiologist is allocated an hour to perform an extensive diagnostic private hearing test that builds a complete bespoke hearing profile of your ears. It’s free if you’re 50 years old or over. If you are under the age of 50 there is a charge of £99 for this assessment.

Children’s Hearing

Highly skilled and qualified private paediatric audiologists that really care and are obsessed with helping your child hear better.

The Tinnitus Relief Clinic (coming soon)

Our experienced tinnitus specialists only employ evidence-based treatment plans that work consistently. Your journey to relief starts here.

Home Visits (Mobile Audiology)

Hearing test at home, ear wax removal home visit, and hearing aid home visits for individuals and care homes. If you are unable to come to us, we will send one of our hearing specialists to you and ensure you get an equivalent experience to our in-clinic hearing care.

Hearing Protection

Offering a tailored range of customised and moulded sleep ear plugs, motorcycle ear plugs, swimming ear plugs, musician in-the-ear monitors and ear plugs, and industrial ear plugs.

Remote Hearing Care for Overseas Nationals

If you would like our London-based audiologists to lead your audiological care, we are set up for this. We currently have patients based around the world (Africa, UAE, North America, some European countries) and are able to provide remote hearing care.

Ps: we will never ask you for any donations. We serve you and then use part of our profit to serve others who can’t afford quality hearing care. 

Our Central London Locations

Visit our Hearing Specialists on Harley Street or Wigmore Street

Harley Street Hearing Clinic

1 Harley Street London W1G 9QD

Wigmore Street Hearing Clinic
(Opposite Selfridges, London)

126 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 3RY

          +44(0) 203 011 1280
           [email protected]


+44(0) 203 011 1280

Private Hearing Aids

Programmed and expertly fit by our experienced hearing specialists at Verified Hearing


Phonak Hearing Aids

Explore the latest Phonak Lumity Hearing aid range and an opportunity to try this premium technology for free at Verified Hearing’s digital hearing aid centre.


Oticon Hearing Aids

Explore the latest Oticon Real Hearing aid range and an opportunity to try this premium tech for free at Verified Hearing’s digital hearing aid centre.

Resound GN

ReSound Hearing Aids

Check out the modern ReSound Omnia Hearing aid lineup. Test this superior technology free at Verified Hearing’s digital hearing aid centre.

Widex logo

Widex Hearing Aids

Discover the newest Widex Moment Sheer Hearing aid series. Experience this top-tier tech at no cost at Verified Hearing’s digital hearing aid centre.


Signia Hearing Aids

Discover the latest Signia Integrated Xperience Hearing aid collection. Try this prime tech without charge at Verified Hearing’s digital hearing aid centre.


Bernafon Hearing Aids

Uncover the newest Bernafon Alpha Hearing aid series. Experience this elite technology at no cost at Verified Hearing’s digital hearing aid centre.


Starkey Hearing Aids

Experience the new Starkey Evovl AI Hearing aid selection. Sample this advanced tech complimentary at Verified Hearing’s digital hearing aid centre.


Unitron Hearing Aids

Explore the latest Unitron Vivante Hearing aid range. Seize the chance to sample this high-end tech for free at Verified Hearing’s digital hearing aid centre.

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