We had a dream that one day you'd be able to pay for the best and latest hearing aids in the same way you pay for your Netflix subscription or phone bill. So, we woke up and made it possible!

Get your hearing aids from only £79.99 pcm on our Pay as You Hear scheme!

Alexa Lewis
Alexa Lewis
Managing Director & Partner at Verified Hearing

Managing Director & Partner at Verified Hearing

We are proud to be the UK's first-ever and only independent hearing clinic to offer an exclusive hearing aid membership club (CLUB 1000). This saves you from paying full price for the latest hearing aids on the market and provides members with complimentary hearing aid upgrades every three years with no further deposit, from only £79.99 pcm on our membership plan.

Awajimijana Otana
Director of Audiology at Verified Hearing

Managing Director & Partner at Verified Hearing

When asked to explain the verified hearing aid membership club (club1000) in one sentence, I always say, "if hearing aids were cars, you are buying a high-end Tesla, but paying for them in the same way you pay for your Netflix subscription."

Here’s what people are saying about Verified Hearing

Chandani Sharma

I am an A&E doctor working in the NHS, and had quite a wax buildup in both ears. I needed an emergency ear wax removal as it was affecting my hearing and this is exactly what Verified Hearing provided. It was very professional and Mr. Otana did a wonderful job, and has stable hands. I am very satisfied and impressed and will highly recommend them.

Steph Shepherd

I'm so pleased that we found this place! I was in agony and needed an appointment at short notice on a Saturday - Mijana was brilliant, he was so kind and put me at ease. Five star service and all fixed in 20 mins! I couldn't recommend him enough!

Louis Bigman

I came to this company as I had severe loss of hearing in my right ear they saw me straight away on the same day when no one else could accommodate me the doctor was quick and precise took the blockage out immediately very professional and they offer 24hr appointment can’t praise them enough.

Verified Hearing is at No. 1 Harley Street (appointment only)

When you need us

  • If you are struggling to hear in various listening situations but are busy with work or life and you need a hearing assessment, we can see you at any time of the day most suitable for you (We operate a round-the-clock service) Yes! Open 24 hours. 
  • If you can hear noises in your ears or head in the absence of any external sounds (tinnitus).
  • If you think "it's not that I can't hear people are talking, it's the clarity, especially in background noise"
  • If you are looking to get the world's best, fully customised, natural sounding, discrete, and rechargeable hearing aids then look no further than our hearing aid membership club from only £79.99/month. 

When you call us

  • We schedule an appointment for you with one of our exceptional audiologists' at a time and place most convenient for you.

When you see us

  • We ACTIVELY LISTEN to you or your child’s hearing needs
  • We perform a comprehensive hearing consultation which includes specialised diagnostic testing.
  • We explain the results to you using jargon-free and straight-to-the-point language
  • We propose a bespoke management plan for you or your child.
  • We allow you time to make an informed decision and get back to us at your own convenience.


Hearing consultation & assessments for adults

Book a private hearing  test with one of the UK's leading audiology services.

We offer a free telephone hearing consultation.

We are also proud to offer comprehensive hearing and ear care plans for care home residents at reasonable rates, with options for group bookings also available.

Comprehensive hearing consultation & assessments for children (≥ 2 years old)

Private audiologist for children aged two years or older.  We offer a free telephone consultation for children. For complex or difficult-to-test cases, we can arrange a bespoke appointment to perform an automatic hearing test on your child when they are asleep in the comfort of your home.

Endoscopic ear wax removal

Endoscopic Wax removal by Verified Hearing

We use the contemporary, pain-free endoscopic wax removal method to remove wax from your ears safely. Our cutting-edge equipment offers us and our clients a detailed view of your ear canal before, during and after the process of wax removal. We are more than happy to share the video with you upon request.

Bespoke RIC/Invisible hearing aids (premium brands only)

We are proud to be an A-list hearing clinic, dispensing a range of the world's smallest and technologically advanced hearing aids. Our hearing aids offer a more authentic hearing experience; are highly discrete and 21st-century ready; with the ability to connect to most of your everyday devices for streaming music, receiving calls, and much more... Become one of our 1000 hearing aid club members and get the amazing opportunity to pay as you hear from as little as £79.99 pcm!

Hearing aid membership Plans (pricing)

Our monthly membership plans start from as little as £79.99/month (see below for details). You'll be paying less than you would spend on four large pizzas every month for an all inclusive, amazing hearing experience. There is an initial ONE-TIME/LIFE-TIME membership joining fee, subject to which membership plan you subscribe to. Additionally, you will be rewarded with a brand new hearing aid upgrade every 3 years and you'll also benefit from a range of hearing care services as part of your membership plan. This will include services such as free professional ear wax removal and a number of consultations throughout the year. We are the UK's first and only independent practice to offer such an amazing opportunity, so join us while you can! 

RUBY membership plan

Discrete digital hearing aids with essential features for maximum audibility and clarity of speech and music



  • Hearing aids from our essential range.
  • All professional fees related to fitting and fine-tuning hearing aids (we can adjust your hearing aids remotely from the comfort of your home - called remote finetuning).
  • 2 year warranty 
  • Upgrade to the latest hearing aid within this club tier every 3 years at no additional cost to your monthly membership fees.
  • Supply of batteries (where applicable)  
  • Two professional endoscopic wax removal appointments per year (worth £240) included.
Diamond membership plan

Executive hearing aid range: artificial intelligence powered hearing aids that offer extra-ordinary features and benefits such as ultra-clear hearing in background noise in addition to fall detection alerts, brain tracking, and much more.




  • Hearing aids from our executive range.
  • Everything in the sapphire plan plus:
  • 4 year warranty 
  • Professional endoscopic wax removal appointments as and when you need at no added cost to your monthly membership fee.
  • On this plan, we assign a personal audiologist to you alongside your personalised hearing care plan. This particular audiologist will always be only one call away from you. 
  • Specific assistive listening devices at no added cost to your monthly membership fee. 

Why do patients and professionals consider Verified Hearing a UNIQUE and PREMIUM SERVICE?








Patients have rated our 24/7 availability as one of their favourite aspects of our service. This means our patient's or their parents (for our paediatric patients') DO NOT have to take time off work for their hearing consultations as they can be seen at home, work, school or wherever is most convenient for them and allows for a hearing consultation.

Awajimijana Otana, BSc., MSc. (CCC -A)

Director of Audiology and Partner

at Verified Hearing

(receiving two national awards from the British Academy of Audiology for outstanding clinical performance and contribution to cutting-edge research in the hearing discipline)

Meet Mr. OTANA

An award-winning, internationally recognised Consultant Audiologist with a plethora of experience spanning two continents and various cultures, Mr Otana (Mr O) considers it a privilege to be leading the audiology team here at Verified hearing: "Entrusting your hearing into our hands will be the best hearing health decision you have made.  We are a small team and in most cases you will be seen by myself personally, as such I will always aim to offer you a flexible and exceptional service."

Having graduated from one of the highest ranking universities in the UK with an MSc in Audiology and receiving two prestigious national awards from the British Academy of Audiology, Mr O went on to pursue a successful career within the NHS, gaining a breadth of experience in both adult and paediatric audiology. 

Alongside leading the team of audiologists providing premium hearing health care here at Verified Hearing, Mr Otana can also be found continuing to consult for the NHS as a Senior Specialist Audiologist.

Speak to one of the team now to find out how we can best help with your, or your child's hearing needs.

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