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What is Earwax?

Ear wax, scientifically known as cerumen, is a yellowish and waxy substance that originates in the ear canal. It comprises a blend of skin cells, hair, and secretions from glands in the ear canal. The primary function of ear wax is to serve as a natural lubricant that keeps the ear canal moist, while simultaneously safeguarding it against potential harm from dust, dirt, and other particles. Additionally, ear wax plays a critical role in inhibiting the development of infections by trapping bacteria and fungi that might invade the ear.

Earwax build-up

The term earwax build-up describes the gathering of cerumen, a waxy substance produced by the glands within the ear canal. When earwax accumulates excessively, it can create a blockage that impacts hearing and causes discomfort, itching, and ringing sensations in the ears. Although earwax accumulation is generally deemed harmless, if symptoms persist, it may be necessary to seek assistance from a healthcare professional for its removal.

Symptoms of blocked ears

Symptoms of impacted ear wax

The accumulation of earwax can result in the subsequent symptoms:

  • Reduced hearing capacity in one or both ears.
  • Earache or discomfort in the affected ear.
  • Tinnitus or ringing and buzzing sounds in the ear.
  • Itching within the ear canal.
  • Dizziness or vertigo.
  • The sensation of fullness or pressure within the ear.
  • Discharge from the ear.

Ear syringing in Croydon

Healthcare providers do not frequently offer ear syringing, a technique that employs fluid or water to flush out earwax due to the potential for complications. This procedure can cause harm to the ear canal or eardrum, resulting in pain, hearing loss, and infections. Moreover, there is evidence indicating that ear syringing may not be fully effective in removing all of the earwax and can even exacerbate the issue by pushing it further into the ear canal. Rather, it is recommended to use earwax softening drops and to seek professional assistance for the removal of earwax using the microsuction method.

Ear Syringing

Ear Candling in Croydon

Ear candling, which is also known as ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy, is an unconventional method of earwax extraction that entails the insertion of a hollow candle into the ear canal and lighting the opposite end. The heat generated by the candle is supposed to create suction that draws out earwax and other impurities. Despite this, ear candling lacks scientific backing and can be harmful. It has been linked to burns, injury to the ear canal, and the potential to push earwax further into the ear, leading to impacted earwax. In the event of symptoms indicative of earwax accumulation, it is advisable to schedule an appointment for microsuction earwax removal.

E-Microsuction Technique

E-microsuction is a safe and gentle procedure employed to remove earwax (ceruminous impaction) from the ear canal. This technique utilizes a low-pressure suction tool to extract earwax without employing water or instruments that could result in ear damage. The technique involves the use of an endoscope to visualize the ear canal and the earwax, guaranteeing optimal precision and safety. E-microsuction serves as a reliable alternative to traditional ear irrigation and is frequently utilized by audiology and ENT professionals due to its effectiveness.

Ear wax removal cost

Experience deep ear cleaning from £80. See our full price list here. Use the booking buttons on our website, send us an email or call us to reserve an appointment with our award-winning audiologists.

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James Finnerty
James Finnerty
October 18, 2021.
Did a fantastic job, friendly service too :).
Leyla McDermott
Leyla McDermott
October 15, 2021.
Managed to get a same day appointment and was very pleased with the service and treatment I received!
Conor Doherty
Conor Doherty
September 20, 2021.
Excellent service and really helped sort out my issue with my left ear! Very friendly and would definitely recommend
Jonathan Geitner
Jonathan Geitner
September 20, 2021.
Mijana was great. He very kindly managed to squeeze me in as I was struggling with both ears being somewhat waxed up - or clogged up with wax rather; but he managed to remove what seemed was an impossible amount of wax out of both ears very quickly; efficiently and painlessly. Would definitely recommend. Nicest chap I’ve met in a while also.
Steph Shepherd
Steph Shepherd
September 19, 2021.
I'm so pleased that we found this place! I was in agony and needed an appointment at short notice on a Saturday - Mijana was brilliant, he was so kind and put me at ease. Five star service and all fixed in 20 mins! I couldn't recommend him enough!
Chandani Sharma
Chandani Sharma
September 18, 2021.
I am an A&E doctor working in the NHS, and had quite a wax buildup in both ears. I needed an emergency ear wax removal as it was affecting my hearing and this is exactly what verified hearing provided. It was very professional and Mr. Otana did a wonderful job, and has stable hands. I am very satisfied and impressed and will highly recommend them. 🙂
Christopher Jacobs
Christopher Jacobs
September 8, 2021.
Filled out a form whilst eating dinner. Got a call that night asking if I wanted to go in for an appointment and decided to go. Managed to solve my problem before it got any worse. Was kind, informative, honest and professional - I can't recommend this place enough. I can hear perfectly now, and this is something I won't take lightly! Me: "What's the best way to clean your ear?" Mr. Otana: "With your elbow."
August 30, 2021.
I came to see Mijana because I was concerned about my ear and wanted a Harley Street audiology specialist to look after it rather than a GP, and I was not disappointed. Mijana is extremely warm and friendly, and was able to explain a lot to me very clearly... and I can hear again ! Cannot recommend him highly enough.
Louis Bigman
Louis Bigman
August 28, 2021.
I came to this company as I had severe loss of hearing in my right ear they saw me straight away on the same day when no one else could accommodate me the doctor was quick and precise took the blockage out immediately very professional and they offer 24hr appointment can’t praise them enough

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