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Ear Wax Removal London

Looking for private ear wax removal in London?

Verified Hearing is a private hearing clinic situated in Marylebone, West London offering professional ear cleaning performed by an audiologist using a gentle suction device. The price is £89 for one or both ears. Call us on 0203 0111 280 for an appointment today. If the patient is under the age of 18 please book the children ear wax removal service

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Don’t take time off work! Book a late evening or Sunday appointment now for just £10 extra for one or both ears. Enjoy better hearing today.

Anthony Richardson
Anthony Richardson
After trying numerous places for ear wax removal over the years this is by far the best there is. So convenient and service is second to none. Wouldn’t recommend anywhere else.
Michael Rothwell
Michael Rothwell
exceptional service and MJ (audiologist) was great
Dolores Armstrong
Dolores Armstrong
Raphael Gruber
Raphael Gruber
Super friendly. Quick and easy. Perfect results. Actually looking forward to coming back
Ralph Allwood
Ralph Allwood
Cassandra O'Leary
Cassandra O'Leary
So happy that we found this Audiologist. Excellent with children, very friendly and welcoming. Myself and my daughter are very happy with our appointment.
Eric Walter
Eric Walter
A great first time experience, very informative procedure and carried out the work in a first class environment and would definitely go back in six months .
Brython Caley-Davies
Brython Caley-Davies
Simona Zajicova
Simona Zajicova
The doctor was very nice. He checked my son's ears, but there was no microsuction needed. My son had no earwax in his ears that needed to be removed. Therefore, I don't understand why I was charged £120 for something that was not done. In cases like this, clients should get some of their money back, don't you think? It's common in other clinics.
Marcel Vandenbussche
Marcel Vandenbussche

Symptoms of earwax buildup

You or your child may have a buildup of earwax that needs to be removed if you have noticed any of the following symptoms:

  • Reduced hearing
  • Feeling pressure in your ears.
  • Tinnitus (a ringing sound, buzzing or pulsating sound in your ears)
  • Balance problems
  • Ear pain
  • Speech delay in children

Not sure?

Doctor checking a patient's ear for earwax

Why Verified Hearing?

Same-day ear wax removal london

On most days, you are guaranteed a same day appointment in our London clinic. Otherwise we will offer you an appointment for the next day.

Evening & Sunday appointments

We run an after-work clinic session from 5pm – 7pm daily including Saturdays. You don’t have to take time off work for your ear cleaning appointment, we are open when you close. We also have a few appointments on Sundays between 2pm – 6pm.

Life-time free ear check-up

Most patients ask us how they can prevent blocked ears. Our answer is always the same – regular checkups. We offer free life-time ear check-ups every 6 months to our patients.

Free follow up appointments

If we can’t clear your ear wax build up completely at the first appointment because of a sensitive canal or stubborn wax, you are entitled to a free follow up appointment within 2 weeks.

Qualified, registered and insured

All our audiologists have a minimum of an MSc Audiology qualification with years of clinical experience in the NHS and private settings. We are registered with the HCPC and uphold their standards.

Ear wax removal for Kids

Our highly skilled paediatric audiologist carries out ear wax removal for children.

Ear wax removal home visits

For patients unable to come into the clinic, we offer a mobile ear wax removal service.

What happens at your ear cleaning appointment

You will be seen by one of our audiologist and the appointment can last up to 20 minutes

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What happens if your ear blockage is not earwax

Unfortunately, sometimes the cause of ear blockage or hearing loss is not ear wax. As audiologists, we are trained to investigate the cause of your hearing loss. We will offer you a hearing test and tympanometry (pressure test that checks the middle ear status) at the appointment. If we diagnose any condition that needs further management, we will write to your GP to facilitate an onward referral or refer to a private ENT who can see you within 48 hours.

Why microsuction ear wax removal

Play Video about Sensitive video content.

Microsuction is the safest method for removing ear wax and our procedure of choice. Our audiologist will use a small suction tube attached to an ENT grade suction unit to suck the ear wax out of your ears while visualising your ear canals and ear drum through an ENT-grade microscope or endoscope. For some patients ear irrigation (flushing the wax out gently with water) or manual instrumentation may be more suitable. If this is the case, we will explain why we think an alternative procedure is best for you and obtain your consent.

Why is ear syringing no longer recommended

Short answer is we found a better way of cleaning ears. Ear syringing uses a manual ear syringe to flush water into the ear canal with the hope of forcefully pushing the ear wax out. Over the years, experts found due to force exerted during the procedure, a higher number of ear drum perforations were recorded. There were also reports of ear infections following the procedure. Lastly, sometimes the water pushed the earwax further down the ear canal causing more problems. Since we now have safer methods of ear wax removal like microsuction, this method was discredited in the UK and we do not use it in our clinic.

Private ear wax removal cost

Routine appointments (8am - 5pm)


After-work appointments (5pm -7pm)


Children 12 and younger


Children age 13 - 17


Aural foreign body removal
Age 13 - 17


Aural foreign body removal
Age 3 - 12


Special Offers

50% off ear wax removal for a friend or significant other you bring along (Worth £45)

Free hearing diagnostic hearing test (if you’re 50 or over) – worth £99

Free life-time ear checks every 6 months

50% off ear wax removal for one parent/guardian if you’re accompanying your child (worth £45)

Meet our team

Expert clinicians skilled in microsuction, irrigation and endoscopic ear
wax removal.

Head of Audiology at Verified Hearing (Specialising in adults and children)

Secretarial team

Louise Emmett

Paige Martin

Leah Salter

Rebecca Banks

Ayesha Haworth

Terms and Conditions

If you are running late for your appointment, you must call or email the clinic to confirm you can still be seen on the day. You can postpone your microsuction ear wax removal appointment up to 24 hours beforehand at no cost to you. Appointment(s) cancelled at less than 24 hours notice are non-refundable. Home visits must be paid for as part of the booking process. Cash and card payments are accepted. We do not tolerate any form of abuse to our staff.

Our Central London Locations

Visit our Hearing Specialists on Harley Street or Wigmore Street

Harley Street Hearing Clinic

1 Harley Street London W1G 9QD

Wigmore Street Hearing Clinic
(Opposite Selfridges, London)

126 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 3RY

          +44(0) 203 011 1280
           [email protected]


+44(0) 203 011 1280

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Ear Wax Removal FAQs

What people are asking

Earol drops are best to use 3-5 days before your ear wax removal. It is an olive oil spray hence natural. Do not use it if you have a perforation

Typically, 5-10 minutes, but always follow the product's instructions.

Do not attempt self ear cleaning methods as this can push the wax further in. Book a professional ear cleaning appointment and we would either suck the wax out via a procedure called microsuction or gently flush it out with an ear irrigation machine.

Sodium bicarbonate softens ear wax and only on rare occasions helps remove it from your ear canal. When the ear wax dissolves, it expands and could make your ears feel more blocked. After using sodium bicarbonate drops for about 3-5 days, you will need your wax removed professionally using microsuction. In our experience, sodium bicarbonate should only be used for hard ear wax. If you are unsure about the consistency of your ear wax, book a free ear check with us.

Only when it causes symptoms or discomfort. For many, natural jaw movements from talking or chewing can help expel wax. At Verified Hearing, we offer free 6 monthly reviews to all our patients so we’ll be able to advise you when you need to remove your ear wax.

Do not use cotton buds. Use earol spray for 3-5 days to soften the ear wax and then book a professional ear wax removal appointment. We will use either microsuction, ear irrigation or specialised manual tools to remove the wax from your child’s ears.

If the tinnitus was caused by earwax blockage, yes

Yes, if your hearing loss was caused primarily by ear wax, you should notice an instant improvement after the procedure.

Ear candles do not work and have no scientific bases. They can also be dangerous, so we do not recommend them.

It is safe to fly after ear wax removal. There are no concerns at all.

In rare cases, yes. The noise from the suction machine can cause tinnitus which in most cases is temporary and should resolve within a few hours or days. The suction air or water used for the procedure can also cause something known as the “caloric effect” which can make you feel dizzy for a few seconds to minutes after the procedure.

No, we are yet to see any home ear cleaning kits that are safe. Also, cleaning your ears safely demands in-depth knowledge of your ear anatomy and ear pathologies to ensure you do not hurt yourself and can identify if there is any need for any further ear treatment.

If you are referring to the cameras sold online for self ear cleaning then no, they are not safe. To clean your ears safely you need a good knowledge of its anatomy to know how to navigate your ear canal safely without causing harm. An Otoendoscope which is a medical grade camera device we use for visualising the ear canal while cleaning is safe for professional use.

If you are within easy reach of central or west London then Verified Hearing could be a good option for you and we would love to welcome you to our clinic.

The ear wax removal procedure does not exceed 20 minutes for both ears in most cases.

Excess or impacted earwax can cause hearing loss, discomfort, or infections. However, a small amount of wax is normal and protective to the ear canal.


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