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Invisible hearing aids that disappear once they're in your ear

If you are thinking, “I want hearing aids but not the bulky ones that everyone can see,” we have the right bespoke solution for you. At Verified Hearing, you get the world’s smallest hearing aids—they don’t get any smaller! Our hearing aids are tiny and fit right in your ear canal, making them barely noticeable.

No need to change batteries

Our mini rechargeable digital hearing aids mean that you don’t have to bother about battery replacement.

Power hearing aids for severe to profound hearing loss

Our power hearing aids boost your hearing and connect you with the world again. Get a complete hearing solution that allows you to be confident and lead an active life.

Hear clearly, even with background noise

Get the best hearing aids for background noise. With our noise-cancelling technology, you can still enjoy your deepest conversations wherever you are.

Enjoy fine-tuning sessions from the comfort of your home

No more travelling long distances to fine-tune your hearing aid. Our latest technology allows us to adjust your hearing aids over the internet, whether you’re at home, at your favourite coffee shop, or out in the woods. Now, you can hear the best in real-world situations.

Our ultra-modern TV hearing aids connect directly to your TV

Catch every word of your favourite TV shows. Using our bluetooth hearing aids for TV, you can enjoy all your favourite programmes without having to turn your volume all the way up. No more complains about your TV being too loud for your neighbours.

Hearing aids made for iPhone and Android

Mobile phones have become part of our everyday life. This is why our revolutionary hearing aid technology has been engineered to work seamlessly with your android or iPhone.

Our hearing aids are powered with artificial intelligence so you can finetune them with just a few clicks on your smartphone.

Stream your favourite music and phone calls directly to your hearing aids with our bespoke hearing aid app. No long wires, no messy cables, no hassles.

Hearing aid specialists

Our hearing aid specialists will recommend the best discreet hearing aids and hearing aid accessories for you. Our revolutionary hearing aids can connect to your smartphone, TV, and most Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can choose the sturdy rechargeable hearing aids that go in the ear canal or behind the ear. Or go with our trendy invisible hearing aids—one of the smallest hearing aids in the world. Whatever the case, our private audiologists will tailor our micro hearing aid solutions to your hearing needs. Boost your hearing today with our superior range of revolutionary concealed hearing aids.

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