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Unitron Hearing Aids

As a hearing aid manufacturer under the Sonova group, this hearing aid brand just never holds back when it comes to providing maximum satisfaction amongst her community of hearing aid users at an affordable price. 

Their newest platform, the Vivante onboard a new processor that takes you along every conversation with profound speech clarity and understanding in every environment, no matter how loud and noisy it gets. Now you can hear with less effort trying to hear and understand speech sounds. 

Hear everything with Unitron

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New Unitron hearing aids

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Unitron Moxi Vivante RS

Moxi V RS is slim and contoured to rest discreetly behind the ear with a thin wire that runs the receiver into the ear canal. These sleek Unitron hearing aids offer optimum comfort and listening experience, so If you appreciate aesthetics, comfort and functionality, the Moxi Vivante RS would be a perfect fit. 

Built on the Vivante platform, a new Unitron hearing aids platform, it onboards the Integra OS and Hyperfocus technology. Hyperfocus improves your listening experience by locating the person speaking to you and only amplifying their speech sounds for more clarity and understanding. Now you can effortlessly be a part of the conversations you want and never be overshadowed by background noise.

Enjoy universal Bluetooth connectivity by pairing your Unitron hearing aids to your Android or iOS devices for a full day of uninterrupted music streaming and calls.

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Picture of Unitron Moxi Vivante RT (new)

Unitron Moxi Vivante R

Made for mild to profound hearing loss, these rechargeable Unitron hearing aids are the smallest receiver in the canal hearing aids in the Moxi Vivante lineup. 

The Moxi Vivante Unitron hearing aids onboard the 360 conversation in car feature which leverage Unitron’s unique speech location technology to swiftly identify the angle where speech is coming from and effortlessly focus the directional system to that angle. When you activate the 360 conversation in car program, you can seamlessly enjoy conversations without having to turn your head and with no engine noise interference.  

Available in 6 colour options, you can personalise your Unitron hearing aids by choosing any colour combination of your choice. 

Moxi Vivante R is also available in a non-rechargeable option (Moxi V 312) which comes in only an amber colour. So if you are after a replaceable battery option, the Moxi V 312 would be a great fit.

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Picture of Unitron Moxi Vivante RT (new)

Unitron Moxi Vivante RT

These Unitron hearing aids are the bigger version of the Moxi V R with an inbuilt telecoil. 

The Integra OS technology was upgraded to its 8th environment which is speech in loud noise to help you have clarity and understanding of speech sounds even in the midst of noise. Integra OS scans your environment and fine-tunes sounds making up to 200 adjustments to produce crisp and clear sounds.

With an IP68 rating, these Unitron hearing aids are sweat and water-resistant. Now you can wear your hearing aids for your daily activities such as running and have zero worries of sweat disrupting your hearing aids.

Get to enjoy hours of uninterrupted Bluetooth streaming with these rechargeable Unitron hearing aids that give up to 24 hours of uninterrupted listening time before the need for a recharge.

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picture of Unitron Stride V PR hearing aids

Unitron Stride Vivante PR

Built in just a rechargeable option, the Stride Vivante is the only behind-the-ear Unitron hearing aids on the Vivante platform. The Vivante technology in this hearing aid makes you understand speech in every listening situation, from nosy bars to busy streets and Loud car rides using the Hyper Focus feature. This technology automatically detects the point where the speech sound is coming from and amplifies it; focusing solely on that speaker.  

Available in just a gray colour option, these hearing aids have 5 technology levels ranging from premium to basic all having this awesome hyperfocus technology.

Picture of Unitron Stride Blu UP hearing aids

Unitron Stride Blu UP

The Stride Blu is an extension of the Blu platform. Made to rest behind the ear with a plastic hook holding the device to the ear, these Unitron hearing aids are suitable for you if you have dexterity issues.

Powered by the Sonova PRISM chip and the Integra OS sound processor, these Unitron hearing aids give a personalised and natural listening experience like never before. The Integra OS observes your listening environment and optimises your hearing to adapt to your surroundings. Now you can follow conversations in every environment without feeling overwhelmed by the noise. 

Enjoy hands-free calls and music streaming by pairing your Unitron hearing aids directly to your iOS or Android Bluetooth devices.

picture of Unitron Stride Blu PR hearing aids

Unitron Stride Blu PR

Comfort and powerful hearing in one sleek package. The Stride Blu PR is the rechargeable version of the UP, which makes it smaller and sleeker in design. These rechargeable Unitron hearing aids have a tap control feature for easy control of your device and provide a full day of listening on a single charge. Now you can remain engaged in your daily activities without constantly pausing to recharge.

Be in sync with your world by pairing your Unitron hearing aids with any of your favourite Bluetooth devices for calls and music streaming.

picture of Unitron Insera Blu 312 hearing aids

Unitron Insera Blu 312

The Insera Blu is another extension of the Blu platform. These Unitron hearing aids are custom-made to sit discreetly in the ear, barely visible to the human eye. 

Available in five different colour options close to the human skin tone, these devices offer optimum discreteness. So if you are after discreteness and functionality, these ITE hearing aids are a perfect fit for you. 

Made in a non-wireless telecoil option, these Unitron hearing aids are non-rechargeable and make use of 312 zinc-air batteries that give up to 72 hours of listening time before the need for a battery replacement.

Picture of Unitron Insera Blu 10 hearing aids

Unitron Insera Blu 10

Custom-made to sit invisibly in the ear canal, these Unitron hearing aids fit the exact dimensions of your ear canal and are so small that they make use of the 10 zinc-air replaceable batteries. 

Made with an inbuilt Telecoil, this Insera Blu hearing aid allows you to hear radio announcements, and have easy telephone calls, and other assistive listening systems directly to your hearing aid, converting them to a wireless speaker. 

Available in 5 colour options that are close to human skin tones, these Unitron hearing aids offer optimum discreetness aside from their powerful auditory functionality.

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Charge at night and hear all day with Unitron Rechargeable hearing aids

Experience days-long auditory bliss with Unitron rechargeable hearing aids. These rechargeable solutions solve the problem of your Unitron hearing aids dying out of the blue and the need for constant battery replacement. 

With Unitron rechargeable hearing aids, all you’d ever get to do is charge at night, hear all day, and repeat.

picture of Unitron Moxi V R hearing aids and charger

Stay connected with Unitron Bluetooth hearing aids

Connect with the world around you with Unitron Bluetooth hearing aids. Most Unitron hearing aids are iOS and Android-compatible and give up a full day of listening time with Bluetooth streaming. 

Now you can always stay connected with your world by pairing your Unitron hearing aids to your favourite devices and take calls, listen to music, watch TV, and stream audio directly to your hearing aids.


Thank you for showing kindness to children with hearing loss in developing countries by choosing Verified Hearing.

Hear your way with the Unitron hearing aid app

Personalise your Unitron hearing aids with the Remote Plus app. The Remote Plus is a Unitron hearing aid app that allows you to finetune your hearing aids and personalise your listening experience at your convenience. Now you can customise your hearing aids through multiple options of manual programs via the app. 

It also allows your audiologist to remotely make adjustments to your hearing aids without the need to physically come to a clinic for finetuning.

Unitron hearing aid accessories

The partner mic when paired with your Unitron hearing aids helps amplify speech sounds in noisy environments. Either worn as a lapel mic by a speaker or placed on a table in group conversations, these Unitron hearing aid accessories will provide optimum speech clarity and understanding in any environment. 

Unitron also has other hearing aid accessories like the Remote control, which helps you adjust the volume of your hearing aids to your convenience.

Unitron hearing aid Batteries

Unitron hearing aid batteries come in a variety of types ranging from rechargeable lithium-ion to replaceable Zinc-air batteries, and each hearing aid battery has different sizes, life spans, and properties peculiar to them. 

The Zero-mercury lithium-ion option gives up to a full day of listening time with Bluetooth streaming and the Zinc-air option comes in four different sizes, all with peculiar life spans of 72 to 90 hours of listening time. Explore the range of unique battery options for Unitron hearing aids.

Picture of Unitron hearing aid domes

Unitron hearing aid domes

Unitron hearing aid domes come in different types and sizes that are unique to your hearing loss. Ranging from the power dome to the tulip dome, these tiny pieces are fitted with a slim tube on either an RIC or BTE hearing aid to help trap amplified sounds from your Unitron hearing aids into your ear canal. 

However, these items can’t just be chosen off the bat, you need the help of a skilled audiologist to access your hearing and choose the right Unitron hearing aid domes. At Verified Hearing, our audiologists are here to help you on your journey to better hearing


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Unitron hearing aid prices

With Verified Hearing, we provide optimum listening time with the most budget-friendly Unitron hearing aid prices. Our Unitron hearing aids are not just powerful but affordable.

Unitron hearing aid troubleshooting

Navigating Unitron hearing aids can sometimes be a hassle because of the distinct intricacies of each technology. However, with our Unitron hearing aid troubleshooting manual, you can understand how to reset, pair and master your device.


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