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About 50,000 children in the UK suffer from hearing loss. Your child may not be ignoring you; they probably just can’t hear you.

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Hearing Loss in Children

Hearing loss in children can be congenital (from birth) or late-onset (in later years). The causes range from genetic to acquired. In England, the newborn hearing screening programme is set up in a fail-safe way, so it is very difficult to miss a congenital hearing loss. Some places also offer children a school entry screen to identify late-onset hearing loss (at age five).

After childbirth, newborns undergo a newborn hearing test. Then at age five, in some areas, they undergo another test called the pre-school entry test. Between this five-year period and beyond, the onus is on parents to identify any potential signs of hearing loss and report to the GP or seek private service like ours. Our service caters for the international community, including children visiting the UK who are not entitled to hearing care in the NHS.

We offer a comprehensive hearing service for children:

  • Private children’s hearing test
  • Home hearing test for children
  • Home hearing test for babies
  • Hearing aids for children

Not all audiologists are qualified to perform children hearing loss tests and fit hearing aids for children. With many years of paediatric experience, our private hearing specialists are highly skilled in detecting hearing loss in children. Once we detect a hearing loss, alongside providing hearing aids, we refer your child to an ear expert for aetiology (finding out the cause of the hearing loss). This is important because the more information we have on the hearing loss, the better we can manage your child’s hearing impairment.

Hearing Aids for Kids | Hearing Aid Clinic

Fitting hearing aids for children requires a lot more skill and rigour than a lot can imagine. The audiologist acts as a gateway between your child and the world of sound (that’s profound, right?). The paediatric ear expert has to get these right for your children:

  • Choice of colours to ensure the hearing aids amuse them.
  • Regular technical measurements to optimise the hearing aids for enhanced speech reception in different environments.
  • Ensuring they can hear every word the teacher says in a noisy classroom
  • Conversations with your child about how their hearing loss affects their social life. For instance, have they come of age where they would prefer an invisible hearing aid?

Children are not small adults, and you must consider their uniqueness when managing their hearing loss. This is why our private paediatric audiologists are the best choice if you are considering private hearing aids for your child. We offer the most holistic private hearing service for children in London; hence we are often referred to as the best hearing clinic in London.

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