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Free Home hearing tests & Hearing aid home visit

We understand that for various reasons it can be challenging for you to attend an in-clinic hearing test appointment so we have designed a private home hearing test service for you. Request a comprehensive private hearing test at home. With a network of over 100 audiologists spread across the UK, we’ll have an audiologist knocking at your door in no time.

Home Visits for Hearing Aids

One of the most rewarding aspects of programming hearing aids in your home is that it accounts for the real world sounds you listen to everyday. For instance, you may not realise how loud your TV volume is, because the neighbours are being polite – this is usually an eyeopener for most clients. Of course, good hearing aids will also help you hear well when having a conversation with friends and family.

The aim of this part of the appointment is to help you understand how hearing aids can help you hear significantly better and with less listening effort, if you have a hearing loss. The hearing aid trial is free.

Reserve an appointment with our audiologist for your free hearing aid home visit.

Message from our Head of Audiology

“The home hearing test service was inspired by Grandad Oakden in blessed memory. He was my wife’s grandfather who lived in Kent, England. He had limited mobility and struggled to attend his NHS hearing aid appointments. Although he had a very lovely service when he could attend the NHS, they were unable to offer him a hearing aid home visit service when he needed them the most. This resulted in his children having to write on a board and general frustration as they could not communicate with him. This is when and why I started the Verified Hearing home service. We were able to assess Grandad Oakden’s hearing, clean his ear as often as needed, and fit him with advanced private hearing aids. This made a huge difference in his quality life, and he was now able to participate in family conversation and fun again. We would love to help you or your parent(s) hear better too. We are all family”

Awajimijana Otana
Head of Audiology at Verified Hearing

Awajimijana Otana
Home visit

Free hearing test at home for the elderly

Age-related hearing loss is one of the most common cases of hearing loss in adults. Most times, adults start to lose hearing in the high frequencies (the frequency of consonant sounds such as /s/, /th/, /p/, /f/, etc.) from the age of 55. In most languages, these sounds form the beginning and ending of words.

Unfortunately, some patients cannot visit the clinic because of their work schedule, disability, or just personal preference. We offer a comprehensive hearing test in the comfort of your home. Our hearing test will pick up on any difficulties you are facing with your hearing and the results will be explained to you in jargon-free language.

What happens in a hearing test at home?

Our specialist mobile audiologists come prepared. We can perform three procedures in one visit
(if necessary). 

Our mobile audiologist will inspect your ears, if they find an earwax buildup, microsuction will be performed on the spot. We will then proceed to testing your hearing and if you have a hearing loss, we will perform a hearing aid test and advise you the best hearing aid solutions for you, all in the comfort of your home and in one visit. With us you can book one appointment and we’ll take care of everything. 

The 3-in-1 service includes: 
Ear wax removal at home + Hearing test at home + Hearing aid test at home (all in one visit)

When completing our form, please let us know if you would like our 3-in-1 assessment so we can come prepared.

To speak to an audiologist before the visit, please call 0203 011 1280

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, our Senior Audiologists are trained to be patient and communicate instructions for the hearing test in a simple way to understand patients living with dementia. We have been privileged to provide hearing tests for patients living with dementia and recorded significant success.

No, Age UK does not provide hearing tests at home. If you would like a hearing test at home, contact Verified Hearing on 0203 011 1280

No, Boots does not provide home hearing tests. To book a hearing test at home, call Verified Hearing on 0203 011 1280 or request a home visit on this page.
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