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We understand that for various reasons it can be challenging for you to attend an in-clinic hearing test appointment so we have designed a private home hearing test service for you. Request a comprehensive private hearing test at home. 

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Our promise:

  • We are prompt – within 7 days from your first contact with us we will help you or your relatives hear better at home. Over 90% of seniors who contact us in 2022 had their first visit in 3 days.
  • We are caring – we will treat you or your relatives like family – this is an important part of our values.
  • We are humans – whenever you want to speak to us about our service it will always be a human on the other end of the phone – no machines! No, to speak to … press 1! 
  • We will help the world hear better – For every 10 hearing aids we sell in the UK we fit one child with a hearing loss in Africa with hearing aids.

Why we started a home hearing test and hearing aid home visit service

My wife’s grandfather used to have NHS hearing aids. Unfortunately, he got very limited help from his local NHS department with his hearing aids. We would struggle to get hold of the right person over the phone and whenever we were able to finally take him into his hearing aid appointments, we often felt they were understandably rushed as the audiologist had limited time. In the years to come, his mobility became limited and the department was unable to send an audiologist out to his home – they explained this service was not offered. They would send hearing aid parts in the post for him to change the tubing himself and he had very poor dexterity at the time. That was the peak of our frustration. When his hearing aid would break down, he would isolate himself from the family and sometimes would barely say a word. There were instances where people had thought he had partial memory loss as his answers to questions would be completely unrelated to the question. But no, his memory was intact and he just had a hearing loss.

I took over his care privately and was confronted first-hand with the practical challenges he encountered with his hearing day-to-day. I would often ask myself what I could do to make his hearing experience a lot better than it was.My practice was in London and he was all the way in Kent. This is the problem that gave rise to the creation of our comprehensive virtual audiology ward service. 

This personalised service is what I built upon and introduced to my team. To date, I am constantly in the field performing hearing tests and hearing aid home visits so I certainly still have first hand experience of what needs to be done to attend to patients at home in the most timely and efficient way. The team has now expanded and we also have our friends with clinics in different parts of the country but know one thing for sure. If I do not come out to see you personally, you would be seen by a friendly, professional, and qualified audiologist who has agreed to the terms of our bespoke home hearing aid and home hearing test service models. If you ever encounter what you think may be a deviation from this service standard you should either call me personally on 07756168425 or send me a direct email to mijana@verfiedhearing.com and I will ensure I take it up personally. 

If you or a family member needs hearing care at home we can send a team member to you in a matter of days. 

Common reasons our patients gave when asked why they arrange a hearing home visit with us

I struggled to find someone to accompany me to my hospital hearing aid appointment

I needed someone to teach my carers how to maintain and troubleshoot my hearing aids

My NHS hearing aids were not working and always fell apart and I could never get anyone to come to my home to look at them

My friend told me she had a home hearing test two days after contacting you. I was looking for an efficient home hearing aid service too.

I like that my friend’s hearing aid you fitted was invisible so I wanted the same one.

How our home visit hearing tests works

  • Call us on 0203 011 1280 or email hear@verifiedhearing.com to arrange an appointment                                                                                         
  • We arrange a suitable time to visit you at home                                                                     
  • Our qualified audiologist performs a comprehensive hearing assessment and recommends hearing aids, if needed.                                                                                                        
  • We arrange your hearing aid fitting appointment.                                        
  • Welcome to the world of sound – you can finally hear again!                  
  • We arrange your 1st  follow-up appointment

    Paid VS Free Home Hearing Tests

    They are a business so nothing is really free – think about it. 

    A lot of patients have been burnt by companies promising free “life-time” aftercare for hearing aids. Unfortunately, they only find out this is not accurate information a little too late – when they have bought the hearing aids. Still in doubt? Ask your friend who has used that “free service” how long they had to wait for an appointment when they needed one or if they could speak to a human over the phone when they called customer service.

    We only offer a private home hearing test and hearing aid service and here’s why:

    Free Home Hearing test

    There is usually a time delay as most people want a free home hearing test. Patients would typically wait for up to 4-6 weeks

    Paid Home Hearing Test

    You are paying for the service so in most cases you get seen within 3 days

    Free Home Hearing test

    There is a strong incentive for the company tooffer you biassed information about your hearing management and the type of hearing aid you may need as after all they have tested your hearing for free with the hope they would sell you a hearing aid. Except they are NHS-funded or a charity.

    Paid Home Hearing Test

    The advice on hearing aids is more transparentas you have already purchased a hearing test service hence whether or not you buy the hearing aid we can cover our staffing costs effectively. 

    Free Home Hearing test

    Unfortunately, offering private free home hearing tests is not a sustainable business model and it almost always ends with companies closing down after they have sold hearing aids to unsuspecting patients.

    Paid Home Hearing Test

    Companies like ours who provide the paid-for model are more sustainable as we are not operating without funding the cost of our operations. Hence, you are unlikely to have any problems in the future.

    Free Home Hearing test

    t’s not really free. They include the cost of the hearing test into the price of the hearing aids. So you end up paying more than you would have if you paid for a hearing test.

    Paid Home Hearing Test

    We have already charged you for the hearing test hence the price of the hearing aid is the real price with no add-ons.

    Request a home hearing test today

    Request a hearing test home visit and we will call you ASAP to finalise your booking. Email us at hear@verifiedhearing.com or call us on 0203 011 1280

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