Ear wax removal for adults

Routine appointments
(8am to 5pm)


After-work appointments
(5pm to 7pm)


Ear infection cleaning


Sunday ear wax removal


Ear wax removal for children

12 years and younger


13 years and older


Aural foreign body removal
Age 13-17


Aural foreign body removal
Age 3-12


Hearing assessment for children

Pre-school comprehensive initial assessment


School-age comprehensive initial assessment


Pre-school comprehensive follow-up assessment


School-age comprehensive follow-up assessment


Hearing assessment for adults

18 years and older


Home visits

Ear wax removal

From £180

Hearing assessment

Free (if on the same visit as ear wax removal appointment)

Terms and conditions

Please note that the fees for our after-work and home visit appointment are fixed and non-refundable. If we do not find wax in your ears, you will be offered a hearing assessment to investigate the potential cause of the blockage at no further cost, if the appointment is in clinic.

Professional memberships

Our Central London Locations

Wigmore Street

126 Wigmore St, London W1U 3RY

Harley Street

1 Harley St, London W1G 9QD


+44(0) 203 011 1280

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