Ear wax removal for adults
(one or both ears)

Routine appointments (8am to 5pm)


After-work appointments (5pm to 7pm)


Ear infection cleaning


Sunday ear wax removal


Ear wax removal for children

Below 6 years


6 years and above


Hearing assessment for children

Pre-school comprehensive initial assessment


School-age comprehensive initial assessment


Pre-school comprehensive follow-up assessment


School-age comprehensive follow-up assessment


Hearing assessment for adults

18 years and older


Home visits

Ear wax removal

From £180

Hearing assessment

Free (if on the same visit as ear wax removal appointment)

Terms and conditions

Please note that the fees for our after-work and home visit appointment are fixed and non-refundable. If we do not find wax in your ears, you will be offered a hearing assessment to investigate the potential cause of the blockage at no further cost, if the appointment is in clinic.

Verified Hearing
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