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Verified Hearing is London’s best-rated audiology service on Harley Street, offering same-day ear wax removal and diagnostic hearing tests in London. We prescribe the best hearing aids for your hearing loss.

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Awajimijana Otana, BSc., MSc. (CCC -A)

Awajimijana Otana, BSc., MSc. (CCC -A)

Director of Audiology and Partner at Verified Hearing

Receiving two national awards from the British Academy of Audiology for outstanding clinical performance and contribution to cutting-edge research in the hearing discipline.

Meet Mr. Otana

An award-winning, internationally-recognised consultant audiologist with a plethora of experience spanning two continents and various cultures, Mr Otana (Mr O) considers it a privilege to be leading the audiology team here at Verified Hearing: “Entrusting your hearing into our hands will be the best hearing health decision you have made. We are a small team and in most cases you will be seen by myself personally, as such I will always aim to offer you a flexible and exceptional service. It’s simple; if you are my age I treat you like I would my brother or sister (I treat them nicely I promise), and children as I would my own child, older ones as I would treat my parents or grand parents. This way you can be rest assured you are always getting treated like family. If for any reason you are unable to afford any of our services, please send me an email at mijana@verifiedhearing.com – I still want to see you so we’ll work something out”

Having graduated from one of the highest ranking universities in the UK with an MSc in Audiology and receiving two prestigious national awards from the British Academy of Audiology, Mr O went on to pursue a successful career within the NHS, gaining a breadth of experience in both adult and paediatric audiology. He finds it an absolute pleasure to be leading the audiology team here now.

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