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Children are not small adults. Children’s ear wax removal is a delicate procedure that must be carried out with precision by a practitioner with relevant paediatric experience. Our paediatric audiologist uses a gentle and painless e-microsuction technique to remove your child’s ear wax. Book an ear wax removal appointment for your child today.  Available for children who are two years or older.

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How we remove earwax from your child’s ear

Our paediatric audiologist uses e-microsuction for earwax removal. This process involves cleaning out your child’s ear wax with a suction machine whilst using an endoscope as the primary viewing equipment. The suction machine is used at calibrated pressure levels to remove ear wax safely from your child’s ears. Our gentle ear wax removal procedure gives your child relief from the discomfort of impacted ear wax and ear blockage.

Why e-microsuction earwax removal for children?

E-microsuction is the fastest, safest and most comfortable procedure for children’s ear wax removal. No more children’s ear syringing or harmful ear candles. Your child deserves the best ear treatment.

Ear wax removal at home

Can’t bring your child to our clinic for ear wax removal? Our paediatric audiologist will bring our specialist ear cleaning e-microsuction equipment to your home. Request an ear wax removal home visit for your child today.

Children's ear wax removal at home

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know my child needs ear wax removal?

You may notice or your child may complain of the following signs and symptoms:

  • blocked ears
  • hearing difficulty
  • ringing in the ears
  • ear canal that feels full or clogged
  • itchiness in the ear canal
  • ear pain
  • dizziness

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of the signs and symptoms that ear wax blockage can cause in children. If you are not sure, call us on 0203 011 1280 for free advice.

Do you remove foreign objects from children’s ears?

Yes. We’ve had many cases where children put objects in their ears while playing or exploring. It is always important to book an emergency appointment with us in these cases so we can remove the object on the same day if possible. This is due to the risk of developing an ear infection from the foreign body.

What happens if you cannot complete the procedure in one session?

So far, we have completed 100% of paediatric patients’ ear wax removal in one session. This is partly because we allocate 45 mins – 1hr to these sessions to ensure your child is settled, and partly because we go at their pace. However, if we cannot complete the procedure, we would offer a free follow-up appointment within two weeks of the initial appointment date.

How do I remove ear wax from a child’s ear?

We strongly advise against using home remedies to remove your child’s ear wax at home due to the risk of perforating the eardrum or unintentionally causing injury to your child’s ear.

Is ear syringing good for children?

Over the years, research has revealed that ear syringing is not the best practice for ear wax removal. We use alternative safe techniques such as e-microsuction to remove your child’s ear wax.

Can you check if my child has glue ear?

Yes, we can to perform a tympanogram on the day of the appointment to check if your child has glue ear or not. This comes at an additional cost.

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