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Children's ear wax removal​

Ear wax removal for kids 2 years and above

Children are not small adults. Children’s ear wax removal is a delicate procedure that must be carried out with precision by a practitioner with relevant paediatric experience. Our paediatric audiologist uses a gentle and painless e-microsuction technique to remove your child’s ear wax. Book an ear wax removal appointment for your child today. Available for children who are two years and older.

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Thomas GibbonThomas Gibbon
15:12 09 Apr 24
Attended for regular checkup of hearing aid. Arrived on time and all done in 30 minutes. All was OK. Fully satisfactory.
08:45 03 Apr 24
Awajimijana Otana is an excellent audiologist with a fantastic personality and the ability to put his patient at ease. I had microsuction ear wax removal carried out on both ears. Quick and without discomfort. Highly recommended. I will go for a free hearing test soon.
Helen WilsonHelen Wilson
11:10 23 Mar 24
Can’t rate highly enough .. excellent service. A very thorough explanation of the processes with a clear concern for the best outcome. Highly recommended. My new go to place for all things ear related !!
Oliver WillcocksOliver Willcocks
09:30 08 Mar 24
After experiencing a sudden loss of hearing, I was able to arrange an appointment at very short notice. MJ made the whole experience extremely comfortable, welcoming and personable from start to finish and remedied my issue seamlessly. A surreal improvement in my hearing was instant, I couldn’t recommend highly enough.
Sarah HarnessSarah Harness
20:51 18 Feb 24
Visited Wigmore street London, really worth every penny, very professional service, I travelled with a nervous 11 year old boy, for ear wax microsuction after a head cold and booked a hearing test afterwards to be sure. ( we had previously been our GP did the whole olive oil drops, for several weeks with limited success) so decided to call half a dozen places I found online, verified hearing ladies on the phone were very helpful they wanted to double check one answer to my many questions so went away double checked and called me back. completely professional from the outset.Mr (AJ) Otana,, Audiologist was extremely attentive and interactive with child to keep him engaged and get the best from him for hearing test results, also very gentle to put at ease for a procedure that he had not had before. Hearing test results showed child would definitely benefit from hearing aids, there was a no pressure sale all options explored, decided to go back into NHS services, due to support he may require in school, something that had not previously been picked up on NHS. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced in his field for next steps and access the correct interventions / support. Pretty sure I will be back in the future for all singing and dancing hearing aids.You will not be disappointed. Best food opposite also so make a day trip off it 😊.
Sarah HarnessSarah Harness
22:08 03 Feb 24
Travelled down from the Midlands with a child aged 11 with a mild learning disability, for ear micro suction and hearing Test. Really good expert advice, extremely patient excellent at his job, Very interactive to put child at ease, made a very tricky client diagnosis look effortless. Very gentle and skillful. Would not go anywhere else !
Harley HallHarley Hall
11:20 03 Sep 22
Instant appointment, instant resolution to my issue. Great service with a very friendly professional! My new 'ear' place.
Rob WalkerRob Walker
15:57 03 Jan 22
Great All round service, I could not recommend enough! I made a phonecall and had an appointment within an hour and a half. In less than 15 minutes my ear that had been bothering me for over a week was back to normal.Thankyou so much!
Louisa HousenLouisa Housen
18:43 07 Dec 21
Very happy with the service all round. Mijana is knowledgeable, thorough and put me at complete ease. Most importantly my hearing instantly improved 🙂
James FinnertyJames Finnerty
18:22 18 Oct 21
Did a fantastic job, friendly service too :).
Leyla McDermottLeyla McDermott
18:02 15 Oct 21
Managed to get a same day appointment and was very pleased with the service and treatment I received!
Jonathan GeitnerJonathan Geitner
18:27 20 Sep 21
Mijana was great. He very kindly managed to squeeze me in as I was struggling with both ears being somewhat waxed up - or clogged up with wax rather; but he managed to remove what seemed was an impossible amount of wax out of both ears very quickly; efficiently and painlessly. Would definitely recommend. Nicest chap I’ve met in a while also.
Pradeep NairPradeep Nair
16:34 25 Aug 21
Mijana and Verified Hearing helped us to deal with a long term ongoing issue for our child. We were supported with guidance to understand the various options available and the procedure itself quickly took care of the issue. Verified Hearing are able to do home visits which is a huge benefit for working parents. Also, Mijana was great with our little one, quickly putting them at ease and making the whole process as pleasant as possible. As a first time user of this private service I was impressed and based on this experience would recommend them to other parents. Thank you.
Vee KomVee Kom
15:39 06 Aug 21
Not enough stars to reflect how great this experience was!I managed to book a home appointment within hours. Mijana arrived right on time, was extremely professional (patiently walked me through the whole process) and clearly is a great specialist. Our interaction was also very friendly and interesting. Thoroughly recommended!
Jose MenorJose Menor
14:43 05 Aug 21
It was wonderful! Excellent service. It was really quick and not painful at all. He showed me a photo after the treatment and the wax was completely removed, pretty amazing. I can hear perfectly again. I can recommend him without any hesitation. Thank you very much!
19:40 16 Jul 21
Great service!I booked on the same day ear wax removal and the specialist came in to my home a couple of hours later. He was professional and really respectful. The operation took a couple of minutes and now I can hear again!My blocked ear was hurting and prevented me from enjoying my daily activities but I am back to my normal life!
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What happens at the ear cleaning appointment?

How we remove earwax from your child’s ear

Our paediatric audiologist uses e-microsuction for earwax removal. This process involves cleaning out your child’s ear wax with a suction machine whilst using an endoscope as the primary viewing equipment. The suction machine is used at calibrated pressure levels to remove ear wax safely from your child’s ears. Our gentle ear wax removal procedure gives your child relief from the discomfort of impacted ear wax and ear blockage.

Play Video about Sensitive video content.

Video depicting Verified Hearing Paediatric Audiologist extracting earwax from a child’s ear.

Why e-microsuction earwax removal for children?

E-microsuction is the fastest, safest and most comfortable procedure for children’s ear wax removal. No more children’s ear syringing or harmful ear candles. Your child deserves the best ear treatment.

Ear wax removal at home

Can’t bring your child to our clinic for ear wax removal? Our paediatric audiologist will bring our specialist ear cleaning e-microsuction equipment to your home. Request an ear wax removal home visit for your child today.

Ear wax removal at home

Ear cleaning prices for children

12 and younger


13 and older


Special Offers

Free glue ear check using tympanometry (worth £100): Glue ear affects 8 in 10 children before the age of 10

50% off sibling discount (worth up to £100): If their sibling attends the appointment with them, they get 50% off

Free ear check (worth £89)

Free life-time ear check for your child every 6 months

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Anthony Richardson
Anthony Richardson
After trying numerous places for ear wax removal over the years this is by far the best there is. So convenient and service is second to none. Wouldn’t recommend anywhere else.
Michael Rothwell
Michael Rothwell
exceptional service and MJ (audiologist) was great
Dolores Armstrong
Dolores Armstrong
Raphael Gruber
Raphael Gruber
Super friendly. Quick and easy. Perfect results. Actually looking forward to coming back
Ralph Allwood
Ralph Allwood
Cassandra O'Leary
Cassandra O'Leary
So happy that we found this Audiologist. Excellent with children, very friendly and welcoming. Myself and my daughter are very happy with our appointment.
Eric Walter
Eric Walter
A great first time experience, very informative procedure and carried out the work in a first class environment and would definitely go back in six months .
Brython Caley-Davies
Brython Caley-Davies
Simona Zajicova
Simona Zajicova
The doctor was very nice. He checked my son's ears, but there was no microsuction needed. My son had no earwax in his ears that needed to be removed. Therefore, I don't understand why I was charged £120 for something that was not done. In cases like this, clients should get some of their money back, don't you think? It's common in other clinics.
Marcel Vandenbussche
Marcel Vandenbussche

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Ear Wax Removal FAQs

What people are asking

You may notice or your child may complain of the following signs and symptoms:

  • blocked ears
  • hearing difficulty
  • ringing in the ears
  • ear canal that feels full or clogged
  • itchiness in the ear canal
  • ear pain
  • dizziness

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of the signs and symptoms that ear wax blockage can cause in children. If you are not sure, call us on 0203 011 1280 for free advice.

Yes. We’ve had many cases where children put objects in their ears while playing or exploring. It is always important to book an emergency appointment with us in these cases so we can remove the object on the same day if possible. This is due to the risk of developing an ear infection from the foreign body.

So far, we have completed 100% of paediatric patients’ ear wax removal in one session. This is partly because we allocate 45 mins – 1hr to these sessions to ensure your child is settled, and partly because we go at their pace. However, if we cannot complete the procedure, we would offer a free follow-up appointment within two weeks of the initial appointment date.

We strongly advise against using home remedies to remove your child’s ear wax at home due to the risk of perforating the eardrum or unintentionally causing injury to your child’s ear.

Over the years, research has revealed that ear syringing is not the best practice for ear wax removal. We use alternative safe techniques such as e-microsuction to remove your child’s ear wax.

Yes, we can to perform a tympanogram on the day of the appointment to check if your child has glue ear or not. This comes at an additional cost.


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