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Hearing loss test

Hearing loss affects about 10 million people in the UK, and a whopping 6 million could benefit from hearing aids. Experiencing hearing loss can be isolating. Some of our patients rightly describe it as a hidden handicapping condition. In most cases, no one apart from your significant others may understand what you are going through. And until you have a comprehensive hearing assessment, it can be hard to accept you are losing your hearing. We offer a bespoke hearing assessment, including a hearing aid test so you can discover and listen to sounds you have been missing out on. Find out if you have a hearing loss.

Hearing loss symptoms

Do your ears feel muffled? Are you struggling to hear in an environment with background noise, i.e., a restaurant or a noisy place? Have you noticed that you set the TV volume louder than others prefer it? Do you struggle to hear people wearing a face mask?

If your answers to any of these questions are “yes”, then you are most likely experiencing the early warning signs of hearing loss. The impact of hearing loss on communication can cause third party disability. This disability is a situation where family members and significant others suffer from the effects of your hearing loss due to their inability to communicate effectively with you. Over the years, this disability can cause a breakdown in some family relationships due to some common misconceptions. One of them is that individuals with hearing loss ignore their family members and friends. Sometimes, people with hearing loss are misconstrued to be avoiding conversations. Hence they are seen as rude. This is one of the many reasons why we advocate for early intervention for hearing loss.

Private children’s hearing test

About 50,000 children in the UK have a hearing loss. Your child may not be ignoring you; they probably just can’t hear you.

Hearing test at home for the elderly

Experience London’s most comprehensive domiciliary hearing care. You can have your ears cleaned, undergo a diagnostic hearing test, and try our premium hearing aid all on the same day.

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