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For decades, Phonak has been committed to improving the lives of people with hearing loss. They’ve relentlessly improved their innovative and cutting-edge technology in Phonak Hearing aids to suit every user’s unique hearing loss. Now leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Phonak has trained Lumity (their newest platform) to optimise conversations in very challenging listening environments. In the history of hearing aids, there has never been one like this. Experience the sound for yourself.

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Discover Phonak’s latest top-of-the-range hearing aids.

Picture of Phonak Virto P Titanium hearing aids

Phonak Virto P Titanium

The invisible you.

These hearing aids combine a super-discrete look with a robust titanium shell known to be 15 times stronger and 50% thinner than other IIC hearing aids made of acrylic. An authentic display of what we at Verified Hearing call “Cosmetic Audiology”. Hearing aids have never been this small, powerful and intelligent.

Picture of Phonak Virto P 10 hearing aids

Phonak Virto P 10

Be invisible in style.

Just like the Virto P Titanium, the Virto P 10 combines a super discreet look and advanced hearing functionality features to create a completely invisible look whilst delivering powerful rich sounds to the ear canal. The Acrylic Invisible in the Canal hearing aid uses Phonak’s SmartSpeech technology and AutoSense OS 5.0 to adjust in echoey and noisy environments by amplifying speech sounds and simultaneously reducing background noise.

Explore the stylish, smart, and powerful auditory performance of the Virto P 10.


10% of the profit from all hearing aid purchases funds audiology services in developing countries.

Sync Your World with Phonak Bluetooth Hearing aids.

Picture of Phonak Bluetooth hearing aids and compatible Bluetooth devices

Connect your Phonak Hearing aids to your digital ecosystem; TV, laptop, iPhone or Android – it’s all possible. 

Phonak Bluetooth hearing aids have inbuilt pairing features to help you stay connected with the world by seamlessly pairing your hearing aids with your favourite devices, taking calls and streaming music hands-free without missing a beat. 

Journey into a world of natural and Richer sounds with Phonak Bluetooth Hearing aids.

Explore our Phonak hearing aid batteries.

Phonak hearing aids have a variety of rechargeable and non-rechargeable hearing aids with different battery types, sizes, and life spans peculiar to each one.

Some Phonak hearing aids make use of Zinc-air replaceable Phonak hearing aid batteries to aid easy battery switching when your battery power is out, and a huge variety uses the remarkable rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Discover the wide range of Phonak hearing aid battery solutions.

Elevate your hearing experience with the Phonak Hearing Aid app

Pictures of Phonak hearing aid apps

Take control of your hearing with myPhonak and myRoger Mic, Phonaks hearing aid apps. Pairing your Phonak hearing aids with these applications gives you the liberty to effortlessly personalise your listening experience through volume control, health data tracking, connecting with your audiologist for remote finetuning, and even adjusting your microphone settings to focus on speech sounds in noisy environments. 

This world of auditory exploration wasn’t closed off to Children. Kids can get a feel of the joys of enhanced hearing with myPhonak junior app.

Charge, Listen, Repeat: Discover Phonak rechargeable hearing aids Solution

Discover the seamless world of Phonak rechargeable hearing aids, where innovative design meets day-long battery life. Beyond the traditional hearing aid experience, Phonak’s rechargeable solutions eliminate the constant need for battery replacements. 

Embrace the future of hearing technology with Phonak’s eco-friendly and cost-effective approach, designed for those who demand uninterrupted performance and convenience in one sleek package.

Picture of Phonak rechargeable hearing aids and charger
Picture of Phonak hearing aid domes

Perfect Fit and Enhanced Hearing with Phonak Hearing Aid Domes

Made to look like ear tips in earbuds, these intricate pieces play a crucial role in providing optimum comfort and enhanced speech sound quality to your Phonak Hearing aids while effortlessly connecting you to a world of clearer and richer hearing. 

Phonak hearing aid domes come in different types and sizes to suit your unique hearing loss. 

Venture on a personalised journey of getting the right Phonak hearing aid domes for your hearing aids with the help of our skilled audiologists at Verified Hearing. A consultation with these professionals on the degree of your hearing loss paves the way for your hearing journey.

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Request an appointment today with our audiologist for your free hearing aids trial and we will call you ASAP to finalise your booking. 

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Enhance your hearing experience with Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories

Picture of Phonak hearing aid Accessories; from left to right, TV Connector, Remote Control, Phonak PartnerMic.

TV Connector
for hearing aids

Picture of Phonak hearing aid Accessories; from left to right, TV Connector, Remote Control, Phonak PartnerMic.


Picture of Phonak hearing aid Accessories; from left to right, TV Connector, Remote Control, Phonak PartnerMic.


Picture of Phonak hearing aid Accessories; from left to right, TV Connector, Remote Control, Phonak PartnerMic.

Batteries and

Phonak hearing aids have great functionality features that provide comfort and stress-free hearing for people with hearing loss. But to make this hearing experience more enjoyable and satisfactory, Phonak hearing aid accessories were made, one of which is the PartnerMic.

The PartnerMic is a wireless microphone that makes for added amplification of sounds to aid speech identification and understanding in challenging listening environments like bars, classrooms, and parks. Once paired with your Phonak Hearing aids, this lapel mic can be attached to your partner in personal conversations or placed on a table in group conversations. Phonak Also has accessories like a TV Connector which streams audio from your TV directly to your hearing aids and a Remote Control you can use to control your hearing aids easily.


Safe Journey

10% of our profit from your hearing aids will travel to Africa.

Explore our range of Phonak Hearing Aid Prices

Phonak Hearing aids are unique, just like you. To determine the right fit for you, assessments should be made by a skilled audiologist. 

At Verified Hearing, we take pride in offering unmatched hearing care coupled with a collection of affordable hearing aids that distinctively suit your unique hearing needs. 

Your hearing journey starts here, with Phonak and Verified Hearing by your side.

Phonak Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Manual

Phonak hearing aids aren’t ‘one size fits all’ and so are their technologies and features. Charge, pair, adjust and reset your Phonak hearing aids confidently with our Phonak hearing aid troubleshooting guide.


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