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Hearing test, ear wax removal, and hearing aid home visits for individuals and care homes. If you are unable to come to us, we will send one of our hearing specialists to you and ensure you get an equivalent experience to our in-clinic hearing care service.

Better hearing and peace of mind starts here.

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A home visit hearing service inspired by Grandad Oakden

Grandad Oakden was my wife’s grandfather. He had suffered with hearing loss in old age and although the care he received from his local NHS department was brilliant, at some point due to mobility issues it became really complicated to take him to his appointments and no one from the department would come. My wife and I would travel from time to time to visit Grandad in Kent and on every visit I serviced his hearing aids, the issue was his hearing has not been tested for a while so they were not programmed to his most recent hearing loss and if a part was broken we had no spare parts of that kind to replace. By the second visit, I had decided to take over Grandad’s audiological care. I packed my audiometer, ear wax removal equipment, and bought a pair of private hearing aids and off I went. I cleaned Grandad’s ears, tested his hearing, and fit him with the latest technology. From this moment on, until he passed, Grandad Oakden never had to worry about his hearing again. He could hear at all times. 

I thought to myself, there must be a lot of people who are having similar difficulties. This is when and how our mobile audiology service was born. Our aim is to promptly attend to the hearing needs of those who are unable to visit us at our Harley Street or Wigmore Street clinics in London. 

For the typical family we see, mum or dad have limited mobility and they just need a hearing specialist who can offer a complete service. Clean their ears, offer a hearing test, and hearing aid service if needed, in one visit. That’s what we do.

If you are concerned about your parent’s hearing or your hearing then congratulations for finding us. We’ll take it from here and you can be rest assured you’ll enjoy smooth sailing to better hearing with us.

Call us on 0203 011 1280 or email [email protected] to arrange a home visit.

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How our 3-in-1 home visit service works

We save you or your parents time and money by attending with equipment to perform:

microsuction ear wax removal,
a professional hearing test, and
a hearing aid trial,

all in one visit. You can also choose to book a single service by selecting that option on the form.

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Ear wax removal, hearing test, and an opportunity to try the latest hearing aids all in one visit from £180 only.

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Meet our team

Expert clinicians skilled in microsuction, irrigation and endoscopic ear
wax removal.

Head of Audiology at Verified Hearing (Specialising in adults and children)

Secretarial team

Louise Emmett

Paige Martin

Leah Salter

Rebecca Banks

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