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Widex Hearing Aids

For over 60 years, Widex has shown unwavering commitment to providing the most natural-sounding hearing aids; each tailored to suit the unique lifestyle and preferences of every user.

Now powered by the PureSound Artificial Intelligence technology, The Widex Moment sheer hearing aids deliver a satisfying and natural listening experience like never before. 

Hear naturally, Try Widex.

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Upgrade Your Hearing Experience With The Latest Widex Hearing Aids

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Picture of Widex Moment Sheer sRIC R D hearing aids

Widex Moment Sheer sRIC R D

Be in control of your hearing with the Widex Moment Sheer sRIC. 

Widex Moment Sheer Hearing aids is one of the latest Widex hearing aids powered by PureSound 2.0 which provides greater functionality in sound processing, acoustics and comfort. These fully rechargeable Widex RIC hearing aids are designed to rest discreetly behind the ear with a thin plastic wire that runs the receiver into the ear canal. 

The PureSound 2.0 technology in the Sheer Moment will process sounds in your environment at a lightning speed of 0.5 milliseconds, 8-20 times faster than other hearing aids allowing for more natural and acoustic-sounding hearing aids

Widex Moment sheer hearing aids also have an AI-assisted personalisation feature called MySound that allows you to adjust your hearing to your listening preferences in different environments when paired with the Widex hearing aid app. With the Widex sRIC, you can personalise your hearing aids to sound just how you want in real time and enjoy heartfelt conversations with day-long battery life. 

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Picture of Widex Moment Sheer RIC 10 hearing aids

Widex Moment Sheer RIC 10

Meet the smallest RIC hearing aid in the world

The Widex Moment Sheer RIC 10 is the smallest Widex RIC hearing aid made with a non-allergenic metallic casing that makes it sweat-proof and water-resistant. 

These non-rechargeable Widex hearing aids make use of a small portable zinc-air 10 batteries and just like the sRIC, it allows for a truer acoustic feel because of the Widex UltraFast and PureSound technology that processes sounds instantly. 

This PureSound in the Sheer RIC 10 model was built on the ZeroDelay technology to increase the speed of sound processing. This means sounds that were delayed and previously described by users as tinny and metallic-sounding now hit the eardrums immediately after they are picked and processed by the hearing aids, allowing for the most pleasurable natural hearing experience. 

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Picture of Widex Moment Sheer RIC 312 D hearing

Widex Moment Sheer RIC 312 D

The Widex Moment Sheer RIC 312 is a non-rechargeable Widex RIC hearing aid with Telecoil functionality that allows you to hear all those train station announcements and subtle phrases in the theatre directly through your hearing aids. If you are after a more comfortable, subtle and powerful hearing aid, the sheer RIC 312 could suffice because its design aids in a more discreet look as both the device behind the ear and the receiver would be barely visible.  

If you have tinnitus, you will also benefit from a soothing solution called SoundRelax. The SoundRelax produces Zen Fractal Sounds also known as Zentones, through the Widex hearing aids to relieve ringing in the ears. These hearing aids stream calls and music directly to your iOS or Android device (via COM-DEX) when paired with the Widex hearing aid app.

Widex Moment 312

The hearing aid that doesn’t sound like hearing aids.

The Widex Moment 312 is a non-rechargeable Behind-the-ear hearing aid with powerful auditory functionalities suitable for varying degrees of hearing loss ranging from mild to profound. This is a good option for you if you have problems with dexterity and need to get a firm grip on your hearing aids to insert and remove them – it is practical and extremely functional. These hearing aids rest behind the ear with a transparent hook that holds it in place behind the ear and can be paired with custom-made ear moulds. 

These powerful Widex hearing aids use the PureSound AI built on the ZeroDelay technology and allow for Natural and pure sound processing, eliminating the artificial and robotic sounds that can occur in other hearing aid brands. 

With options of wireless connectivity, you can pair your Widex Moment hearing aid to any of your favourite devices and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment with days-long battery life. 

Picture of Widex Moment 13 D hearing aids

Widex Moment 13 D

Designed to give you control of your hearing. 

Experience great hearing enhancement with the Widex Moment 13 D, a revolutionary yet potent non-rechargeable BTE Hearing aid. These contemporary hearing aids seamlessly combine swift and intelligent sound automation with PureSound AI technology and hands in the reins so you can be in control of your hearing through personalised auditory control with Widex’s MySound. 

The MySound is an AI personalisation feature in the Widex hearing aid app that gives you the choice of adjusting your hearing in your Widex hearing aids to different recommendation options that suit the different listening environments you may find yourself in. Whether you’re in an echoey museum, in a group conversation or even a music concert, there are recommendations for you.

Get to stream music and take calls directly from your iOS or DEX device with the Widex hearing aid App and enjoy days of hands-free entertainment and conversations with zero charging worries. 

Picture of Widex Moment R D hearing aids

Widex Moment R D

Hear all day and charge at night with Widex’s sustainable day-long rechargeable solution.

Introducing a great achievement from Widex, the Widex Moment R D is Widex’s first rechargeable Behind-the-ear hearing aid with remarkable auditory functionality like other Widex hearing aids in the Moment line. 

Built on the revolutionary ZeroDelay Technology, these hearing aids provide a seamless and pure sound quality experience that will resonate with you, rekindling memories of the natural hearing you once had. 

Available in thirteen different colour options, This Widex Moment hearing aid has a run time of over 36 hours without streaming and 24 hours with Bluetooth streaming. Now you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted music streaming and hands-free calls. 

Picture of Widex Moment CIC Micro hearing aids

Widex Moment CIC Micro

Designed to be Invisible

Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss, these custom-made completely-in-the-canal devices are the smallest Widex hearing aids made to rest in the ear canal, a real definition of discretion that is invisible to curious eyes. 

Because these non-rechargeable hearing aids are so small, they run on Zinc Air 10 batteries and can be controlled using the Tonelink app or the COM-DEX device

Picture of Widex Moment CIC hearing aids

Widex Moment CIC

Super discreet and powerful

If you are on the lookout for discreet, comfortable and powerful hearing aids, the Moment CIC should be on your list of choices for the perfect fit. The Widex Moment CIC is the second smallest Widex Hearing Aids that is custom-made for hearing losses ranging from mild to severe. 

Widex’s PureSound ZeroDelay technology in this Widex Moment hearing aid allows for swift sound processing even in the most challenging environments, giving you the feel of the natural and pure hearing you once remembered. 

Enjoy the ease of making real-time sound adjustments to the Widex Moment CIC using the Tonelink App or the DEX device.

Picture of Widex Moment XP hearing aids

Widex Moment XP

Designed to look like earbuds too, these Widex in-the-ear hearing aids combine a subtle design with impressive and powerful auditory functionality with Widex’s Zerodelay PureSound Technology.

Slightly bigger than the custom ITE, the Widex Moment XP hearing aids use a size 312 battery which showcases its prowess by delivering an extended battery life of over 82 hours. 

These Widex hearing aids can be easily controlled through convenient methods such as a remote control for volume and sound adjustment from the Widex Tonelink app, or the cutting-edge DEX device. 

Picture of Widex Moment Custom ITE hearing aids

Widex Moment Custom ITE

Hearing aids that look like high-tech earbuds. 

These hearing aids provide optimum comfort because it is custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of your ears and also provide unrivalled natural auditory sounds because of Widex’s PureSound Technology. This is a perfect fit for you if you have mild to severe hearing loss and prefer a more discreet yet functional and powerful hearing aid

Choose from the three available colour options to match your style, and seamlessly control your Widex hearing aids using the Tonelink app or the DEX device.

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10% of the profit from all hearing aid purchases funds audiology services in developing countries.

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Step Into The Wireless Era With Widex Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Picture of Widex Moment XP hearing aids and Bluetooth-compatible devices

Be in sync with your world by connecting your Widex hearing aids to your Bluetooth devices; get to enjoy hands-free calls, music streaming, podcasts, and TV shows. 

Widex Bluetooth Hearing Aids have inbuilt 2.4GHz Bluetooth functionality that allows you to wirelessly connect your hearing aids to an iOS device directly or Android using the COM-DEX accessory.

Widex Rechargeable Hearing Aids

In the world of modern hearing technology, innovations are constantly paving the way for long-lasting solutions such as Widex rechargeable hearing aids

Get to say goodbye to your hearing aid batteries dying out of the blue because these cutting-edge devices don’t only produce remarkable and powerful natural sounds, but offer over 24 hours of day-long battery life with their standard Widex hearing aid charger.

Your Hearing, Your Way!
Personalize Your Hearing Experience With The Widex Hearing Aid App.

Be in control of your hearing with the Widex Moment App. 

The Widex Moment app incorporates the MySound feature, Widex’s latest AI-assisted technology that gives you the liberty to personalise sounds in different listening environments. It’s almost like having an Audiologist in your pocket – dare I say! And getting them to adjust your Widex hearing aids to your listening preference on-demand in real-time.

Experience days-long auditory bliss with Widex hearing aid batteries

Although Widex hearing aids can most times be similar in technology, they differ in other ways, one of which is in hearing aid batteries

Not all Widex hearing aids make use of rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. Some of these hearing aids make use of disposable Zinc-air hearing aid batteries that give up to 86 hours of uninterrupted hearing. These Widex Hearing aid batteries come in different sizes and have different days-long battery life peculiar to them. 

Explore Widex’s range of hearing aids with replaceable batteries.

Picture of a Widex Moment 13 D hearing aid and a 13 Zinc-air battery
Picture of hearing aid Domes

Sound and Comfort: Finding the perfect fit of Widex Hearing Aid Domes

Widex Hearing Aid Domes aren’t one-size-fits-all; they vary in types and sizes unique to your hearing loss and hearing aids. These intricate pieces made to look like earbuds, play a crucial role in providing comfort, cushioning sounds and giving Widex Hearing Aids a truer acoustic feel.

Choosing the right Widex Hearing Aid domes involves the collaborative effort of a skilled audiologist through thorough hearing assessments. At Verified Hearing, our skilled Audiologists will guide you on such a journey of unmatched hearing care.

Enhance Your Hearing Experience With Widex Hearing Aid Accessories

Picture Sound Assist hearing aid accessories

Sound Assist

Picture TV Play hearing aid accessories

TV Play

Picture RC-DEX hearing aid accessories



Your hearing gets better with Widex Hearing Aid accessories.

Hearing aids have their limitations. For instance, hearing aid microphones on their own may struggle to pick up speech if the speaker is further than 1.5 metres away. Not with the Sound Assist though. This technology breaks the distance barrier and helps you hear in more complex listening situations. The Sound Assist is a portable wireless microphone, purpose-built to stream sounds to your Widex Hearing aids in complex listening environments. This device, either worn by a speaker or discreetly placed on a table in group conversations, empowers effortless sound identification, understanding, and crystal-clear communication from your hearing aids. There are other Widex hearing aid accessories like the TV play that helps you hear the TV better and the COM-DEX that helps build a connectivity bridge between your hearing aids and other devices that can’t connect directly to it.

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10% of our profit from your hearing aids will travel to Africa.

Widex Hearing Aids Prices UK

Widex hearing aids vary in different ways; size, functionality, technology, looks, and degree of hearing loss. And most times, these criteria play a role in the price of hearing aids.  

At Verified Hearing, we understand the full spectrum of affordability, and so we make sure everyone gets the best technology within their budget.

Master Your Hearing Aids With Our Widex Hearing Aids Troubleshooting Guide

Every technology has intricate navigational techniques peculiar to it and so does each Widex Hearing Aid model. Charge, pair, reset, and master your Widex hearing aids with our detailed guide.


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