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Experience personalised hearing care in London, tailored to meet your specific hearing needs. 


At my clinic, patients don’t just say they’re visiting an audiologist; they say they’re going to see ‘my’ audiologist – or ‘MJ,’ as I’m fondly referred to. This personal touch in hearing care is fundamental to me. It’s about more than delivering excellent care; it’s about creating a comfortable space where no one feels hurried. Each appointment is an opportunity for me to genuinely understand the daily hearing challenges my patients face and to offer tailored solutions with the expertise I have.

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Why see a Private Audiologist?

Our understanding is that our patients choose private audiology care for numerous, personalised reasons. Many appreciate our punctual appointments, seamlessly fitting into their busy lives without the concern of lengthy waiting lists. Others value the discreet, private environment our clinic offers. Additionally, a significant number seek our specialised, custom invisible hearing aids, which stand apart from mainstream offerings.


No matter what drives your decision to seek private audiological care, we’re here to assist you with expertise and compassion.

What our patients say

Anthony Richardson
Anthony Richardson
After trying numerous places for ear wax removal over the years this is by far the best there is. So convenient and service is second to none. Wouldn’t recommend anywhere else.
Michael Rothwell
Michael Rothwell
exceptional service and MJ (audiologist) was great
Dolores Armstrong
Dolores Armstrong
Raphael Gruber
Raphael Gruber
Super friendly. Quick and easy. Perfect results. Actually looking forward to coming back
Ralph Allwood
Ralph Allwood
Cassandra O'Leary
Cassandra O'Leary
So happy that we found this Audiologist. Excellent with children, very friendly and welcoming. Myself and my daughter are very happy with our appointment.
Eric Walter
Eric Walter
A great first time experience, very informative procedure and carried out the work in a first class environment and would definitely go back in six months .
Brython Caley-Davies
Brython Caley-Davies
Simona Zajicova
Simona Zajicova
The doctor was very nice. He checked my son's ears, but there was no microsuction needed. My son had no earwax in his ears that needed to be removed. Therefore, I don't understand why I was charged £120 for something that was not done. In cases like this, clients should get some of their money back, don't you think? It's common in other clinics.
Marcel Vandenbussche
Marcel Vandenbussche

“Although we’re a thriving London-based hearing clinic, we are not in any way the biggest and don’t aim to be. Our goal has always been  to work with a small, dedicated group of patients to fully grasp their specific hearing needs and provide them the highest quality of hearing care.”  Alexa O. Managing Director, Verified Hearing

What happens at your private audiology appointment?

During your 60-minute exclusive session, our focus will be entirely on you. We’ll delve deeply into every aspect of your hearing health, crafting a comprehensive auditory profile tailored just for you.

Beyond the standard peripheral hearing assessments like pure tone audiometry, we go the extra mile. Our testing includes evaluating your ability to discern speech amidst background noise and in multi-speaker environments. This is crucial, as many of our clients manage well in one-on-one conversations but face challenges in lively settings like bustling restaurants.

By the end of your appointment, you’ll have a clear understanding of your hearing capabilities, potential solutions for any hearing loss, and any necessary referrals will be promptly arranged. And if you’re diagnosed with hearing loss, we offer you a unique opportunity: the chance to try some of the world’s most sophisticated hearing aids, free of charge, as part of your consultation experience.

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How to book an appointment

Simply choose a time and date that works for you from the booking calendar below:

The Private Hearing Specialist in London

Your consultation will be with Mr. Awajimijana Otana, MSc, a distinguished private hearing specialist renowned for his patient-centered approach and clinical excellence. 

His dedication and expertise have earned national recognition from peers within the British Academy of Audiology. Known for his meticulous attention to detail, Awajimijana embraces a holistic approach to hearing care, a quality that makes him highly recommended throughout the ENT community in the Harley Street district. Holding an MSc in Audiology from the University of Manchester, he brings a wealth of experience from both NHS and private practices to each consultation.

“While it’s difficult to claim the title of ‘best audiologist in London’—after all, such a distinction depends on various subjective measures—one thing I am certain of is my deep commitment to every patient. My dedication goes beyond mere professional duty; it’s a personal mission to offer the finest hearing care possible. I believe everyone deserves exceptional care, and that’s exactly what I strive to provide. As long as I am practicing, my focus will be on continually elevating the standard of care, because that’s not only what my patients deserve, but it’s also what I would want for myself.”

Awajimijana Otana

Mr. Awajimijana Otana

Clinical Audiologist at Verified Hearing

Our Private Audiology Services

Invisible hearing aids

Ear wax removal

Private hearing tests

Ear wax removal for children

Children hearing tests & Hearing aids

Mobile audiology service for ear wax removal and hearing aids

Tinnitus Clinic (launching June 2024)

Auditory processing disorder clinic (launching June 2024)

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