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Ensuring Auditory Health, Year After Year

As age advances, it’s natural for hearing to decline, leading to potential age-related hearing loss. Verified Hearing is dedicated to mitigating these effects, offering an annual complimentary ear health checkup for care home residents. Our program is rooted in the latest research, underscoring the deep connection between hearing and cognitive health, all to ensure the best for your loved ones.

Our Commitment

Swift Service: We aim to complete the ear health check for all residents within a 48-hour window, contingent on resident count.
Annual Checkup: Our free checkup is annual, assuring uninterrupted care for everyone. Expert Care: Our proficient audiologists manage all evaluations and treatments.
Convenience: We come to see you so you don’t have to worry about the logistics involved in transporting your residents to the hospital for routine ear checks.

Inspired by Research

Recent studies highlight the importance of auditory health in cognitive performance. Even if specific hearing metrics weren’t directly tied to dementia, significant cognitive drops were noted in those with hearing challenges.
This knowledge powers our emphasis on routine ear health checkups.

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