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Invisible Hearing Aids

Take all the attention and curious eyes away from your ears with our lineup of invisible hearing aids because no one will know that you’re wearing them. 

These new generation of hearing aids are custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of your ear and are so small, giving you that optimum comfort and privacy you’ve always wanted. 

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Picture of a happy senior couple wearing invisible hearing aids

Benefits Of Invisible Hearing Aids

Wind noise suppression

Other styles of hearing aids have the microphone resting behind your ears which means you pick on wind noise and this can be frustrating. With Invisible-in-the-canal hearing aids, the microphone sits in the ear canal, solving this problem.

Ease of insertion

Most patients find it a lot easier inserting custom invisible hearing aids into their ears as it is only one small piece rather than having to deal with an earmould or dome, RIC wire or tube, and then the hearing aid itself hanging behind your ears.


Discreteness always tops the list of priorities when people with hearing loss search for the right fit. And if that’s also what you’re after, our invisible hearing aids rest deep in your ear canal, away from human eyes, giving you the right amount of privacy you desire.


Invisible hearing aids sit in your ear canal which means they can be easily worn alongside your glasses, hats and masks without any trouble.


Although invisible hearing aids are made with discreteness in mind, they never fall back on their powerful hearing abilities. These devices deliver audible and clear speech sounds directly to your ears because they are placed close to the ear drums.


Because they are custom-made for you, they fit the exact dimensions of your ear and don’t slip off or fall out easily like the regular BTE’s and RIC’s. Giving you comfort and confidence to go about your day.

Our Invisible Hearing Aids Lineup

Here’s what Invisible hearing aids look like inside your ears

Small – Natural – Hidden in plain sight


10% of the profit from all hearing aid purchases funds audiology services in developing countries.

Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC) Hearing Aids

Here’s what a completely-in-the-canal hearing aid looks like inside your ears

Small – comfortable – Powerful

Picture of a man wearing invisible hearing aids

Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC) Invisible Hearing Aids

Need help? Let our Skilled Audiologist pick a style with you


Thank you for showing kindness to children with hearing loss in developing countries by choosing Verified Hearing.

Go Wireless With Our Invisible Digital Hearing Aids

Our selection of invisible digital hearing aids can wirelessly and seamlessly connect to phones, assistive listening devices and other wireless gadgets. Be in sync with your world and go digital with our invisible hearing aids

Picture of Resound Omnia CIC invisible hearing aids

Our Selection of Rechargeable Invisible Hearing Aids

It is amazing that despite how tiny these devices could get, some invisible hearing aids can still come as a rechargeable option. Get to charge at night and discreetly hear all day with our rechargeable invisible hearing aid options that give up to 24 hours of hearing time.

Stay Connected with Our Invisible Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Be a part of your world by universally connecting to your favourite devices with our Invisible Bluetooth Hearing Aids. Despite being super small, these Invisible hearing aids can connect wirelessly to your iOS or Android device, giving you all-day music streaming and entertainment.

Let our Audiologists guide you.

Invisible Hearing Aid for Child

These cosmetically appealing devices are also made available to children who would prefer a more discreet and comfortable fit. Available in different technology levels befitting for kids, explore our range of Invisible hearing aids for your child.

Invisible Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

Constant ringing in the ears is undeniably discomforting and unsettling to anyone. However, with our Invisible hearing aids for tinnitus, you’ll enjoy soothing and relaxing sounds that mask the disturbing ringing in your ears


Safe Journey

10% of our profit from your hearing aids will travel to Africa.

Invisible Hearing Aid Prices

Our Invisible hearing aid prices range from £2295 to £3895, depending on the technology level and hearing aid brand chosen. 

At Verified Hearing, we always meet the criteria of budget-friendliness and powerful auditory functionality. Now you can get affordable, comfortable, and powerful invisible hearing aids that meet your hearing needs.

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